Joining ThoughtWorks

October 12, 2006 § 3 Comments

It’s been a couple of months since leaving my previous role. During that time I’ve looked at various career options, including being a house husband, but in the end decided upon being a developer for ThoughtWorks. The house husband option was a close contender, but I couldn’t get buy-in from my partner.

I decided that I wanted a fairly big departure from the kind of roles I’d had in the past, and for me, consultancy appeals. I believe I’ve gone in with my eyes wide open to the cons, such as the potential for bad projects and being placed in lousy geographical areas. The pros though, such as developing my XP skillset, working with cool people, getting involved in different projects with different technologies really excites me. Now I can’t wait to get going.

Moved house

October 2, 2006 § Leave a Comment

We’ve successfully moved house. After a year of living in Derby at the weekends and near London during the week, we decided that we wanted all our things in one place, and to live permanently closer to where we work (well, for my partner anyway, I’ve just become a consultant).

After looking at various places just north of London, we settled on a village near Tring in Hertfordshire. The countryside is lovely round here, the community is very welcoming, and so far we’re very happy we’ve made the right choice. Our house was previousley owned by a family with three kids, so you can imagine how it could be a bit worn down. We’ve lived downstairs whilst we’ve recarpeted and painted almost every room. Now we feel we’re getting there, although there’s lots of debris lying round that needs clearing up.

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