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When I started this blog, I did so with the small purpose of recording my activities with regards to my budding interest in wine (of course this wasn’t the only inclination for blogging). It’s perhaps a little boastful to stand back and announce a list of wines drunk in a single evening, a bit akin to the distasteful notion of an uncouth individual revealing the notches on his bedpost, but I do so anyway. A little sheepishly though.

Tackled in one sitting between five of us (plus a driver who acted as the adjudicator):


A Ladoix, bought from a charming shop on Old Street that my colleague Stuart Rolland recommended to me (they do very good wine tastings). I’ve eaten at Ladoix, outside in the searing heat of 40 degrees. The food was amazing, and wine fantastic too. Ladoix is very close to Corton, and thus has similar qualities.

A Crement de Bourgogne, our wedding bubbly! It’s a bit of an event-opener really. We still love this crement – it will stand up to the majority of champagne/crement offerings.

A Mersault 1st Cru – Olivier Leflaive. A lovely wine, smooth, intense summer fruit flavours.

A chassagne montrachet 1st Cru – Olivier Leflaive. A wine I’ve encountered before a few times now. A stonker, very strong and intense.

Pernand Vergelesse sous fretille 1st Cru- a little lesser intense than the pre-mentioned montrachet, but still a piece of work – I love this wine. It has strong flavours and has elegance.

Pommard Les Cras – Darker, heavy bodied. Not as elegant as the cortons, but has intense berry flavours – lovely.

Volnay – Olivier Le Leflaive – I remember being fantastic, though admittedly I need try again to recapture the flavour!

The Macon Lugny. A bread and butter wine from Majestic. We’re always well stocked with this. It’s lovely and light.

An enjoyable evening! I finally managed to cook a coq au vin to the correct colour. I concentrated a lot more on making an intensely reduced chicken stock, and sacrificed an Irancy – a very heavy Burgundian red. I was also less wimpish with chucking in corn flour to thicken it out. I still haven’t investigated what’s involved with chucking in pigs blood though – it’s definately on the list of things to try!


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There comes a day of reckoning, a day of sufferance, and a day of heroes. On an epic scale of biblical stature, Derby County Football Club (DCFC) entered the premiership through the playoff final. It was a tense affair. I’ve never heard so many people comment at the same time just after we’d scored: ‘There’s no way we’ll survive for 30 mins’. But we did, and our defense was steadfast. Seth Johnson for me was cracking, a skin-headed nut running around the pitch frightening the living daylights out of the opposition. I genuinely felt there was a brief period where the opposition were afraid to touch the ball in fear of getting steamrolled at a hundred miles per hour.

Fun was to be had by all, even by the West-Brom fans who were so dignified in defeat. Here are some photos:

Jon wembley face

Of course on the other side my face are the letters D.C.


A multitude of coaches. Perhaps they were full of Nottingham Forest fans coming to wish us well for the match.


The atmosphere before kickoff on a cold, wet and windy day was memorable.

Father and I

Not the most pleasant of weather mind you. Above: My father and I getting into the festivities.


I felt a good show was put on. There were massive floating flags as you can see.


Jubilation! The rams become a fully fledged premiership team.


The players looked chuffed.

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