Success (and a little bit of failure)

August 12, 2007 § 1 Comment

This year I have attempted to get a little closer to nature.

In my garden I’ve planted a courgette plant, a load of tomato plants, some garlic, cabbage and cauliflower. The tomato plants have failed miserably, as I didn’t know I was suppose to actively maintain the darn things; I’ve watched with fascination as they grew and grew, until they had over-grown themselves into hideous bushes. Needless to say, in pursuit of establishing a new world order they neglected to provide me with any tomatoes.

Ah well. The cabbage and cauliflower are still going, although a couple of have been destroyed after having become the center of a military campaign for a fleet of smallish caterpillar type things. The garlic was dug up by a bird (presumably).

So it has been hard and enduring. But alas, I have a full blown courgette production system in my back yard! There are 2-3 outputted a week, and they seem to grow around an inch a day. How utterly thrilling it is.


I’ve been up at night with my torch on guard against the snails. There have been so many of them, but as of the last week or so they appear vanquished. After receiving some good advice from a fellow garden warrior I installed a large snail shaped device that when filled with beers lures and traps the little suckers in to meet a sweet and sticky end. I found Asda’s premium large to be a particular temptation for them.

The other battle I’ve faced and sort of lost is that the plant has some kind of disease. It has white/yellow patches all over it’s leaves. I’ve put together a rather effective policy of ignoring it and hoping that the courgettes don’t make me feel ill during the night.


See the white patches on the leaves? Ah well. I’ve eat the courgettes raw and there seems to be no problem.

Next year I’ll will anticipate an even greater harvest of vegetables, including tomatoes. I will be able to then go and conquer first prize at the village festival.

shades at the fair

The ice cream was pleasant.

kath at LM festival

  • breno

    lmao at your tomato plants!!
    What happened, i have about 13 plants and all are growing or will be producing tomatoes (some still flowering). Maybe your plnats were not pollinate? NO insects in the garden? I have a bee which comes round to look after them.
    My courgette leaves are nearly all white!! (was googling about them).
    Anyway I found something that might help, make a solution of milk and water and spray it on the leaves, it helps kill the white stuff apparently (mildew).
    Just done it on mine. You can google it, I used about 30% milk but some say more some less.

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