Pithering in Portland (part 5)

April 20, 2008 § 1 Comment

Another week has passed. Last Saturday I awoke to one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever seen. The sky was bright and blue, the temperature was t-shirt weather and crisp… Wonderful. I decided I needed to get out and see some rugged countryside, so I made my way over in my funky red car to Multnomah falls. This time of year is perfect for it; the snow on the mountains is starting to melt and is sending masses of water down into the Columbia River.

Sunglasses on, music pumping through my satellite radio, the trip to the falls was brilliant. The highway twisted and turned alongside the river, exposing mountain ranges and ‘western’ styled hills.


It wasn’t long before I encountered my first waterfall:


Caught up in my excitement of waking up on such a fine day with loads to see and do, I made the mistake of not packing any boots or trainers. So upon taking up the challenge of what I perceived to be a short trail, I ended up climbing up the side of a mountain with jeans and shoes. I thought I looked very british against all the hikers springing along with their water bottles. The trails were fantastic though, and if I get a free and clear day I’ll go back. They score through dense forestry alongside streams and rivers. I mused at one stage that this is the kind of place that fairies and elves would hang out…


And always there are falls:


And hikers better prepared than myself:


Some of the trails revolved around falls such as this:


There were some good views too:


After I’d tired on the trails (I kept going mile after mile before realising I might actually be going up a mountain…) I returned to the car park and briefly stopped at the actual Multomah falls, one of the highest in North America:

multnomah falls

And here’s the bottom bit just give a sense of scale:

mult bottom bit

I had a very enjoyable day. I topped if off by driving out to a town called Hood River, where I found a ‘brew pub’ which served a tasty burger and chips with a glass of house beer on the side.

hood river

The view from the brew pub of Hood River.

  • http://www.worldofwarlow.com/blog John

    Awesome views there Jon, I just wish there was something like this in the UK!

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