Year of Clojure at a Bank

October 22, 2012 § 2 Comments

We’re roughly coming up to a year anniversary of when myself and a ragtag bunch of pan European devs started to use Clojure for our day jobs at an investment bank working on on a strategically important middle-office platform. Hakan Raberg is the change agent that when joining the team argued the case for moving to Clojure to whom I am indebted. Hakan and I did a talk at EuroClojure talking about the project – video here.

We’re also going to talk this week at FP Day in Cambridge. Here we’re going to address ‘Clojure after the honeymoon’. Here we want to give an honest account of the problems we faced introducing Clojure inside somewhat of a conversative environment, and of what is the current state of Clojure is. We also want to talk about some of the technical challenges we had particularly around making the jump from Java to Clojure. Hakan left the project to rewrite Emacs in Clojure and to widen his brain neural pathways even further, I’m still on this very project dealing with the fallout.

Time permitting I hope to write up some of our experiences talking about some of the cultural shifts and also about some of the technical stuff we did – i.e. our approach to regression testing, our Clojure rule engine, and the continued battle inside and out of a large Java monolithic beast. I’ll do this in a short series of posts.

  • Ben Stopford

    Interesting. So what are the ‘post Hakan’ pain points and have the wider team handled the change?

    I know you said you’ll get to this but I’m just inpatien!


  • Jon Pither

    Hi Ben, I’ll certainly get to providing answers to your questions in a considered blog post – more around the problems/issues we’ve faced. Thanks for the input.

    Now that Hakan has gone off to write Emacs in Clojure amongst other things it does feel like we’re in a different period of the projects history.

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